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Legal Research Institute Pakistan


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Legal Research Institute of Pakistan is a think tank based at Peshawar in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Province of Pakistan. The mission of the think tank, herein after called LRIP, is to seek peoples’ participation in the policy affairs of the country relating to the matters of pubic importance and work of the nation.

Pakistan since its inception to its emergence and in the period after its being in 1947, till present,is a country unique in its features and characteristics as a State and a Government.

The Idea of Pakistan turned into an ideology and activism in support thereof made the approval and support possible in materializing it by winning a specific territory to form and establish a sovereign state.

Making Pakistan as a Muslim State and then developing it as a non-theological state in rigid sense of the word, and developing the country as a democratic society was a huge political perception to be embodied in the State Constitution.

After seeking partition of India unifying the people of Pakistan as a common society and to establish a required political culture to practice the idea of Pakistan was an accepted challenge by the leadership of the country,whereas the study of Pakistan reveal that the well conceived idea of pakistan was competently practiced and it worked making the people of Pakistan a great society.

Pakistan has established its reputation as an important state capable of maintaining balance of power in the region and to perform a responsible role in making the world safe and peaceful,however in the area of economic development and the allied matters therewith much focused input would be required therefore it is the considered view of LRIP that it would be in the public interest that they shall seek participation in the policy affairs of the country and to perform their role according to law of the land and work of the international organizations wherein Pakistan is a member state.

Defence, diplomacy, economy and energy are the main areas of the LRIP’s study and it would be the intent of the work to strenghthen the state’s institutions according to the will of the constitution of Pakistan and for this purpose LRIP will engage and involve the relevant people.

LRIP will develop the course of its studies from legal perspecpective and will consider the issues of public importance in a manner recognized in the international legal system.

It is the considered understanding of LRIP that our country requires to engage other countries on various delicate issues of international impact through legal and diplomatic channels to provide necessary mechanism for progress and development of our country and its people.

LRIP operate in professional and qualified order with indiginous base and it approaches the future through gradual institutionalisation of the think tank as an institution capable of serving humanity. LRIP also promotes people to people contact and friendship throughout the world.

Note: LRIP is the Research Wing of Muazzam Law Firm and it has been registered under the Societies Act 1860 in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan.